Were you up late last night because of your worries? Are they financial or relationship worries?

Or have you grounded yourself because you think you cannot do it, well it’s time you brush off that heaviness, and welcome every hardship with high esteem, courage and strength that yes you can handle it. Ask yourself what are you doing to take the worries away, are you working harder or smarter to get that promotion.

Are you thinking of ways to earn a second income so you can be able to pay your bills at the end of the month or do you have long outstanding debt that is killing your monthly budget.


Or is your relationship under threat and you don’t know whether to walk away or stay, if you walk away how will you survive, the bills, the children the security of being in a relationship! This has been a sore point for many women.

Life is made equal for us all it’s only the scenarios that are different for our different lives. Some days some of us might be having the happiest moments of our lives while some others might have locked themselves in their rooms and let the gloominess and depression fall on them like a sluggish wave.

But guess what your happiness is just a thought away, be proud of the fact that god has made you much stronger than this and it would take much more than this to break you.

Seasons change, time will pass stay focused on ways to reduce that pain! Time heals all wounds. Find a hobby, find a counselling group, start a business!


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