The notion that there was a mysterious, enigmatic element to insomnia. Instead, I work towards sleeping better. I listen to my body and exercise more.

The concept of dieting. One has to eat healthy at all times.

The belief that I need to or even could win someone’s love.

Any voice, inside or out that in any way suggests I am not enough. In that same swoop I threw out the fear that I would one day not have enough. I will always have enough and if one day I don’t I trust that I will be able to figure it out.

Comparing myself to anyone. Besides, surrounding myself with people who are better than me is a glorious way to live.

The assumption that I don’t deserve to have wonderful things happen to me, one after the other, in absurd excess.

The other shoe is not going to drop. They fit exactly the same.

Am not afraid to go alone, if I believe in an idea I follow my heart!

There is no limit to how happy I can be, and the same thing goes for you.

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