A friend of mine attended a workshop to learn how to better prioritize.

The person leading the workshop asked the participants to begin by taking stock of their lives.

As a first step they had to make a list of all the things they were not happy with.

My friend’s list looked something like this:

I never take my kids to school because my day begins too early.

I don’t talk to my wife all day because I’m booked with meetings and don’t have time to call.

I never get home in time to put my kids to bed.

I work every weekend.

I feel disconnected from my family.

Once the participants finished making their lists they were asked to read them out loud.


Except, they needed to begin each sentence with “I am committed to…”

For example: I am committed to never taking my kids to school.

When my friend read his list out loud he had a startling realization.

That what he was saying sounded absolutely absurd, and that, incredibly, this was exactly what he was doing: dedicating himself to all the things that were making him unhappy.

This exercise drove the message home that where we spend our time reveals our true priorities and that we have a choice to determine what to be committed to.

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