I was once asked the question. What do you value in your life? Is it family, friends, children, your health?

Question is, what do you spend most of your time doing? That is what you value!!!

I debated with myself, I pride myself in loving my family tremendously, I work so hard to provide for them, my health is important to me!

Ask yourself how much time you spend with the people or things you say you value?


If you say you value your family, how much time are you spending with them? When someone is sick do you spend time with them in hospital and support them!

teach-them-wellHow often do you attend your child’s school play, do you make time to play with your children. Do you know who their friends are?
Your life partner, how often do you ask them how your day was, do you even know what is going on in their life?
When last did you speak to your parents? How often do you visit them? Or is it only on Christmas and Thanksgiving?

Or do think throwing money at the problem will somehow magically solve it.

Are you supporting them when they need you the most?

Or are you too busy living your own life?


If you value  your health, how much time do you spend working out? Are you heating healthy? Do you diligently take annual tests or not!

Its about what habits are you feeding your body.

I know I have been unsubscribed at the gym a few times for not going enough times in a year! Oh and I love cooking so am not shy to taste the food I cook as well! Diets do not work for me, trust me I have tried a lot of them.

And I do care about my body, I care about how I look wearing a pair of jeans a white T-shirt and want to be comfortable and not wear anything underneath to hide stuff!

One has to think of an outfit long and hard before picking it in case it reveals uncomplimentary parts of my body!the-motivation

If you value health what are you doing to show that? Are you eating right, are you exercising. This gave me an opportunity to do an introspection.

I learnt that freedom provides me the opportunity to spend quality time on the people I value the most.

Is that really showing value to someone or something?

Do you value your job or business?

How much time are dedicating to making sure you succeed? How hard are you working on it? Or are you working just to pay the bills?

I found in business having a mentor helped me focus on what was important to ensure it succeeded.


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