I was raised to learn to appreciate what was given to me and to be able to say the word “thank you” it goes a long way.

When you have it and all is right in the world, but when it’s missing life is empty.

My mom taught me many things, but taking two seconds to say ‘thank you’ every time, in any situation, was the best.


Even if I give her $1 she always says thank you, I could never understand the people who have a sense of entitlement and cannot even say thank you when you have gone out of your way to give them something.

How often do we thank the people around us, the bus driver, the tea lady, the guy who opens doors for us or even cleans our houses and looks after our children?

I know my life would be challenging without one of these people, in fact when she is gone for a week I feel the void and so does everyone in my family! Everyday I try to ensure she knows she is appreciated.


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