Have you ever had to deal with a teenager who was not doing too well at school and was at the verge of giving up?

How did you deal with it? All his friends are doing better than him it seems, he has had to repeat classes a few times so it seems all his age mates are ahead of him, this is depressing him no doubt.

No matter how hard he tries it just does not seem to cut it. Extra classes have previously made no difference.

This is a soul you must nurture and hold their hand! And because he is so young he does not know any better or even though you may tell them, at the time they do not understand. 

This is when one starts appreciating alternative methods to life skills, not everyone is meant for school!

www-senabemthunzi-comThe challenge

The biggest challenge has been to let him see that it’s not the end of the world he can still make something of himself in this life.

I have come to learn that failure is part of life. When you fail at one thing it does not define who you are. I tell him!

For me failure just means get up and try again. You may fail at one thing but it does not or should not determine your future.

Not everyone is meant for school and just because someone was not gifted academically does not mean they cannot be good at something else.

Life skills

My personal challenge at the moment is to show that to a 16 year old. I am determined with love and caring to show him he can make of his life.

Am holding his hand to learn a business skill, which will sustain him for life.

Have you gone through a similar situation, how did you deal with it? Did you have a mentor helping you?
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