Are you one of those people who has been working for the same company for over 5 to ten years and feel like your career has not moved much?

Do you feel like you have done everything by the book, you have been through university and gotten your first job and all seemed to be doing well.

It was your fist job so you gave it your all because you wanted to move up the ladder get into management position. That’s where the money is right! this is where you can get recognized and you can move higher places.
You have taken on the extra projects just so you can increase your knowledge. And also to be recognized as a hard worker. You put in the long hours, early morning and work late most evenings.You are a great team player! You never go home until the work is done, if you have to work on weekends you do so!


This environment is big on networking so you go all out, you take up the sports that everyone seems to be interested in, running cycling and OH playing golf, you have even subscribed to a golf club membership just so you increase your handicap right! That’s what everyone asks you about, whats your handicap!!

The corporate world is about being seen by the decision makers? So you make the time to go out for drinks with the team and you socialize!


You have a mentor and keep a monthly diary of catching up but your meetings are somehow magically cancelled at the last minute with reasons varying from impromptu meetings they have had to attend!! You take the time to thoroughly prepare for the meeting and points of discussion but you think its fine i will discuss them when I get a chance to see finally meet up!

Three six months go by and the meeting has not happened!

When you look around you there are people who have been in the same company for more than 15 years doing exactly the same job and they have not even moved departments, no you refuse to be one one those, you are ambitious, you want more out of life. You have mastered this position and its no longer challenging, but at least it pays the bills.

willingngHowever, your career has not moved much in the last 5 years neither has your income actually! Every month it seems like there is more month  than there is money available in your account to pay your bills

Are you being impatient, you ask yourself. Everything seems to have gone up in cost of living, The rental, school fees and transport money and the cost of food!

Job applications

You have been applying for a few positions internally but you have not qualified for any of those positions. Its only natural to start doubting yourself  and thinking maybe this is not where my career will be taken care of, I will not get to that senior management role and you start looking outside for other alternatives.

You are a hard worker, but why doesn’t anybody see that? Am I doing something wrong you ask yourself?

You have registered with a few placement agencies and  no contact in over six months, when you follow up, you get the now usual “positions have been frozen at the moment, we will keep an ear out for you” The market is really stagnant right now be patient something will come up! It seems everywhere you look there is just no new prospects.

Your daily costs

The kids need transport money to get to school on a daily basis, you are also a bit behind on the school fees! There is no maintenance money coming from any of the children’s fathers, so there is no one to turn to!

You know of some parents in your situation they to hold 2 or 3 jobs just to be able to provide for their kids and it seems to be the only way to go you have been researching possibilities of starting a business that will not interfere with your current job but at least give you that extra income.

You dream about living a life on your own terms, shopping when you want to a and spending time with you kids when you want to is important to you!

Just maybe this will actually be the solution to help you out of the tight position you are in financially and also give you the freedom to even spend more time with your children. You work long hours and don’t get to spend much time with them.

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