Sometimes the work balance can be overwhelming! Or the job too much or the children too demanding, you never have time to breath!

Have you ever felt perpetually overwhelmed, everyday there is a plan in place you have no spare time to even read a magazine! Its drop off here, pick up there its cooking and taking care of everyone.

A friend went through this where she was always complaining about everything, work home, health and she decided to quit her job because she “had no work life balance” and is having the same problem in her new job.

“Everyone wants a piece of me, she says. “I am at the end of my rope.”

“How would you feel if no one in the world needed you?” I ask. “If your phone never rang, if your inbox was always empty?”

“Oh my God. I would feel horrible”.

The realization that we often create the things that end up destroying us, the things that hinder us from being happy, is the first step to being free.

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