Have you been faced with a situation where everything seemed to be going wrong, no matter how hard you tried, it doesn’t work out! Its not your day!

In the thickest of traffic bumper to bumper, you start smelling a burning clutch and you make a small prayer that its not your car! Law and behold a few minutes later you car is smoking and you have to do an emergency stop. And you have no one to assist you and you have to wait for help.

What are you thinking? Maybe its time to get a new car but money is too tight at the moment, you just barely getting by on your single mom income, with two kids to feed?? This is the very last thing you need right now.

i-dont-need-this-right-now-1You get to work eventually that meeting you set up will be over in 10 minutes over, you rush into the elevator thinking this will be quick at least your boss will see that you tried! And there are 10 other people in there, for some reason it seems the elevator is not moving fast enough next thing the lights go off it stops midway and you are stuck in there for an hour.

Maybe from now on you will take the five flights of stairs to avoid being stuck, that will be good exercise for you as you never have enough time to go to the gym anyway! Your boss is not impressed!!

You were blessed with a natural predisposition towards optimism

Without making any less of my good fortune I do work very hard to wrangle wayward, rebellious, dark thoughts into bow and rainbow shapes.

If my perspective can diminish pain I say yes, please. How do I need to look at this so that I suffer less?

I have learned that looking at the good is a good habit more than it is a character trait. I have two “go to” ways to get myself out of a funk in moments of despair. (They work if I can remember them.)

Say something makes me angry or frustrated. My insides rage. I hear a thousand indignant voices in the middle of which I try to slip in a question?

What is this here to teach me? I ask myself??

The notion that something was sent to me lovingly to be a teacher rather than an aggressor alters the angle that traps me so I can wriggle free.

As an added bonus occasionally I also learn something!

If you need to stand in line for two hours at the post office to renew my drivers license which expired 4 months ago, and you were sent a reminder, but decided to ignore it but now you are being stopped at every road block, so  can’t get drive to work anymore have to take public transport. you tell myself maybe you need to learn a bit of patience and renew on time then I would not be in this predicament.

The second “go to” method that tends to work has to do with getting out of my own head.alone-with-my-t

The situation you are in totally sucks but there are other people in the world besides you, who have less than you have but still manage to smile. Anything you could be doing to make someone else’s life a bit better?

If bad things have to happen we might as well make ourselves useful. When you buy grocery for the week or month, buy extra and deliver at an orphanage, there is always someone who can use the little extra that you have and it would mean a lot to them.

If I had not my mentors, at the back of my mind I would have been thinking, if only I had another way of earning an income without having to put up with a boss who does not understand life happens and one cannot always be in control! That would allow me to spend more time with my children and not get stuck in traffic like it happened this morning!

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