I once went for an interview where I thought it went really went. I got along very well with the panel of potential team members and we shook hands as usual they said they would be in touch shortly.

Like a good candidate, I waited for 3 weeks then followed up. I felt the interview had gone really well and liked the company and the people I had met.


And did not understand why they had not made an offer. They had to turn me down.

Their reasons for not doing so had nothing to do with me. They were due to their very specific needs, internal dynamics, and other circumstances unrelated to my ability, personality or performance.

I am telling you this because in every rejection (a job, a boyfriend, a friend) there is at least some relation between you and the reason for the rejection.

Understanding this separation between you and being rejected is how you learn to accept rejection with grace.

This then led me even more towards starting my online business, yes its a lot of hard work but the rejection is kinder 🙂

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