Here are the steps that work for me when I find myself needing to get back on track.

Exercise/get in shape/eat well. This might sound stupid, but it’s critical. It makes me feel better about myself, it makes me healthier; but most of all, in the middle of a crisis or a transition where I don’t know what end is up it gives me something tangible to focus on.

Quiet. When we’re adrift the world is filled with noise. Only through being quiet I can hear what I am trying to tell myself. Hearing yourself is the only way out.

Awareness. You need to name everything. I am afraid. I am lost. I am not where I want to be. I am in the wrong life. I did a terrible, terrible thing.

Awareness is so vital that every process proven to getting someone back on track begins with this simple step. “My name is Dave, and I am an alcoholic.”

Trust. Remember when I said that things are unlikely to last? Believing that the chaos you find yourself in is temporary is helpful in the path back. Trust that.

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