My maid lives in a shack, has 6 children to feed, wears what her employer donates her and her children and takes really good care of cleaning my house, I can never do as good a job as she does, she:

  • Beams with pride whenever her son gets good marks.
  • Sings while cleaning my home.

    Appreciates for whatever she gets and doesn’t crib for what she wants.

  • Smiles.

My neighbour lives in a mansion worth $6.39m, has a personal servant at her disposal, eats out twice a week, drives some SUV car among others and almost never repeats clothes yet, she:

  • Complains about trivial stuff.
  • Gets jealous of our other neighbours.
  • Blames her relatives and friends for her problems.
  • Remains dissatisfied from her child’s performance in school.
  • Contacts people only when she is in need.
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