Saying thank you to the people who opened doors for me!

Saying thank you to the people who opened doors for me!


Have you ever thought about the people or person who gave you a break through, like your first job, or held your hand when you needed someone to help you the most.

Does this person know they gave you the breakthrough, did you ever tell them they gave you that break through? Did you say thank them?


I remember the teachers at school who were always willing to make time for students who needed extra help, does anyone ever thank their teachers or even give them presents to say thank you for opening my mind! Teachers for me are the most important people as they are fundamental in the formative years of a persons life but are rarely recognized.

When I graduated from University fresh with no experience I remember being so nervous at my first interview, it was a panel interview actually! It was a long conversation and they told me I would have to go for psychometric tests!!!  These I was told one cannot study for! Needless to say, i didn’t get that job, maybe my psychometric tests were wrong! I have hated them since that day and get nervous whenever I have to take them.

I struggle to deal with something where I don’t know what the expectation is!

I am making a list of these people and taking the time to thank them.


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