Imagine how many ideas you have had but never followed up on? Why have you not followed up you may ask yourself?

If you want something bad enough you will get up and do it! What I have learnt is that if, you have an idea write it down and follow up on it.

Put down the steps on how to execute, evaluate your progress on a regular basis.

In any area of your life that you need to change in, always know you will not really feel like it working on it, you would rather do anything else under the sun than something you really want.

I have learnt to do the hard tasks first, then get over the hurdle, then work my way down.

Starting your own business or losing weight requires energy to push oneself. Trust me I have struggled with both for long.

Do the things you don’t want to do in order to be a success. You have to force yourself to go after your dreams.


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