Of course this is bound to happen, as humans we are not meant to stay in one place. Our hair grows we need to cut it, our shoe size and weight changes and have to buy new clothes,why do we expect the same in our lifestyle and careers.

We have dreams that we want to pursue but are too scared, why?? Is it not too scary work a 9-5 job that does not satisfy you? When you look at the pension benefits, you know you will have to downgrade your lifestyle in order to survive!


Your life is not meant to work 9-5 and hardly have enough to pay the bills!

At some point you have had the impulse to start your own business, why did you not pursue it? Learn to act on impulse if you think of a business idea research it and find out how to go about it! The internet has provided a lot of open doors for online business opportunities why not start your own online business while working full time!

It is not a walk in the park but worth the sacrifice!

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