Do something you love, is there something you wanted to accomplish but fear kept you from taking the first step.

Today is the day for you to start, don’t worry about setbacks you may face, they will help you do better.

Everything happens for reason, that reason causes change, change can be

painful, change can hurt but in the end its all or the best.

You will encounter challenges in life but it really is all for the best.

You cannot control everything in your life, it does not work that way!

There will be moments of joy when everything turns out just how you have planned it, at times situations don’t happen the way you want.

Even if things are looking bad and its not the path we envisioned know it will pass, someday everything will make sense. For now smile through the confusion

There is a pattern and shape to everything, nothing  happens for no reason.

Someday everything will make sense, be strong and keep the future in mind knowing that everything happens for a reason


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