Does Your Partner Remember Your Birthday?

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who forgets important dates? Birthdays?

How do you feel about it? Do you think they forget because it’s not that important to them? Or they genuinely forget.

In a relationship, if your partner forgets your birthday, does it mean they don’t care? Does it mean they have more important things on their mind? Or Your Birthday Is Just Not That Important to them!

On the day you wake up next to him excited he will be the first to say happy birthday, no he wakes up gets dressed and goes to work and goes about his normal day!

You left thinking this guy is the worst, he does not care about something so important to you!

Your day

You are horrified and crying in bed alone!

Your friends and family call you in the morning excited to wish you happy birthday, you are happy they made the effort but your heart hurts, the one important person in your life forgot your most important date in your life.


Yes you buy the cake and celebrate with your colleagues, you have lunch with your team and they ask you, so what are you doing for dinner?

You pretend as if you have plans deep down, you want to cry, you don’t know if he has made any plans or not!

Being the ever wishful person you think maybe, just maybe there is a ray of hope he has planned a surprise dinner!

Your day is going quite well but there is just that void you have and can’t tell anyone what’s going on!


The question is why are you even embarrassed to tell your friends your boyfriend forgot your birthday!!

Because its your birthday you want to go home early and go to the shops to get yourself a present. You have received beautiful flowers and lots of presents from your colleagues so you take them home.

When you get home you debate whether to make dinner or not as you still hope he has a surprise for you! You phone him and ask if you must cook dinner and he says “he has drinks with his friends after work” so he will be home late!!!!!

Clearly this guys just does not care, it’s not important to him . So you call a friend sobbing!!

You have learnt a lesson, next year, you will make your own plans and not involve him! When he gets home sees the flowers and says whats the occasion??? What are the flowers for? Really this guy is unbelievable! It cannot be love you think! Then he says oh sorry babe, I forgot!!! Why didn’t you remind me?

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