Do you still remember the chores you had as a child in your parents house?

Are these fond memories? When with the family on Thanksgiving or over Christmas does everyone just fall back into what their chores were as children or not?

Most importantly how do you feel about them?

I remember I learnt to cook at the age of 11, partly because I enjoyed helping my older siblings cook and I would always be busy with them in the kitchen.

giftoffamilyBut of course when everyone left for boarding school in high school i was well prepared to make a full meal on my own by the age of 13 and also my mom was not very compromising when it came to chores and reality, she would not get back from work and still cook for me πŸ™‚

Later on in life i actually realized she just never liked to cook! Especially after she had not done it for so long!


So we had different tasks in the house and everyone sort of chose what they were comfortable with, my sisters quickly realized cleaning was not my specialty as whatever I did they would still have to go over!

Now this left me with cooking, which I enjoyed and there was peace in the house!

However, now there are grandchildren in the family but somehow the cooking still falls on me, I wonder why? I swear they will make sure I cook before I leave the house for the day even if I have plans to eat out with friends.Even on the days I have had a long night out with friends, come the morning, that’s me on the stove making breakfast, lunch and dinner πŸ™‚ for them!


On the other hand, I was forced to make tea for mom and my sisters and visitors, to date, I hate making tea for people, its just a mental block I get immediately, even if I am in the kitchen cooking, don’t ask me to make you tea! I just fail to understand why anyone would ask me for me!

Does anyone else have this scar for life or is it just me? Please share yours.

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