Have you ever been in a situation where you thought, I should have listen to that inner voice?

You were invited to a friends birthday party a few weeks ago,when you wake up on the day of the party, you just think no I really don’t feel like going there, am just lazy, when you think of the crowd of people that will be there, nothing excites you, you might just not even enjoy it?

Or something will go wrong!

You debate the whole morning whether you should just phone and let them know you wont make it, but the better part of you thinks maybe you must just go and drop off the present then leave, no need to stay for long! If you don’t go, it might send the wrong message!

So why bother they won’t even miss you anyway? They may not even be excited to see you? You think?

You thinking if you do go you might not feel welcome, but why are you beating yourself up why not just call and say you will not be able to make it, something actually came up! Your heart is really not feeling this!

Only to find out late that in fact there was that one person there who would have just spoilt your day, even worse there was a bad car accident on your way day!

An ex

What if you walk in and that ex you have secretly been trying to get over is at the party with his fiance’ and you are really you are horrified, this is the very last thing you need in your life right now.

You cant exactly turn and walk away it will be too much drama so you grin and bear it! You say hello to everyone and hang out for an hour then gracefully disappear, you are hurting inside and just want to scream!

Even worse you get a puncture on your way back from the party, this just confirms all your fears, you knew you should have not gone to this party in the first place!

getrtDifferent turnout!

Or you actually get to the party and actually enjoy the company actually, and you dance the night away.

The next day you wake up thinking, why were you even having second thoughts about going? You had so much fun and would like to go out more actually.

Question is, do you sometimes get the mixed feelings for no apparent reason? Is that your gut feel that you must follow, there has been times when it has been unfounded fears.

Or, is this the introvert in you trying to stay protected at all times and not wanting to mingle with others? Yes its normal for me as an introvert to feel like that! Finding someone to talk to and get you out of your over analysing brain, even when it is not necessary.

Surround yourself with positive energy.



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