Taking risks is normal?

Taking risks is normal?

I have over the years learnt that it’s just normal to take risks, for every risk we take there is a learning! One will not grow without taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone.


What is not normal is routine, waking up to a job for 20 years that does not fulfil you, living on one salary all your life, struggling to pay bills every month is not normal and we should not accept it as our fate!

We are not meant to live a substandard life! This is what keeps me motivated everyday to work on my own business everyday.

The sacrifice of early mornings and late nights can be very depressing and tedious at times but it’s better than living a life according to someone else’s terms!

Fail forward!

Fail forward!


In life when we decide to venture into anything new there is always a possibility that one will fail. But what differentiates a loser and winner is the attitude when they do not succeed or get what they want.

The more you fail the more you learn. Fail forward at all times, don’t give up on your dream.

Understand that things will not always work your way! Take the lessons and move forward.

This was my attitude when starting with the digital lifestyle.

You are truly abundant!

You are truly abundant!

Just because we get what we expect to get, its good to know the universe has got plenty for us all.

Its just that sometimes we go back to a scarcity mindset we probably are carrying with since our childhood.


We for some weird reason have it ingrained in our brain the belief there is not enough for everyone, but thats not the case.

Don’t shrink your dreams, supersize your courage and abilities!

Work hard and go get your abundance the world is waiting for you to claim it!

Is adaptability key for survival?

Is adaptability key for survival?

Adaptability is the one that has the best fit with their environment.

Why do we as people want to stay in one job, one environment and remain content for the rest of our lives.


A lot of jobs are being replaced by technology, do you have a game plan for when that happens?

Change is a necessary part of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become!

Why not start your own online business for financial security!

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What does it mean to be present?

What does it mean to be present?

Presence is about waking up to the fact that I’m doing this and opening my eyes to what is before me. How beautiful this moment is and how I don’t really need to plan for the next one.


You can be always be present. To your morning, to your coffee, to traffic, to the people in your life.

Presence is about less. Less noise. Less mind-chatter. Less angst.

I’m just chasing my thoughts, anxious, distracted and getting irritated at my brain who just won’t give it a rest.

This scenario is the opposite of being present. I’m sleepwalking, paying attention to nothing, enjoying nothing, being yanked around by things that are largely insignificant.

Take time to smell the roses!

Anxiety is poison for the soul

Anxiety is poison for the soul

We get anxious when we feel we do not have control of our lives.

Does it happen to you? But can it be fixed?

Anxiety is poison for your soul, how do you free yourself from it?


It is like a rocking chair it gives you something to do but does not go anywhere!

Anxiety is like quick sand, the harder we try to escape the harder we sink.

Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future but wanting to control it!

In the end we don’t control anything, its better to give up the fantasy of control sooner rather than later.

Think about what you were worrying about last year this time, are you still worried about it today?