The instant you stop learning your life is suddenly behind you.

Go watch a movie you normally would not be interested in. I like children’s movies. Kids laugh in completely different places and I walk out of the theatre bewildered and joyfully off-balance.

Take time off work to go to a late afternoon workshop on something that unexpectedly peaked your curiosity. Modern architecture, poisonous plants, paintings, I always wondered why people place so much value on them?

Try learning a new language and marvel at how similar and different it is from your own, how much it reveals about the people who speak it. In English you “kill two birds with one stone”. In Italian you “feed two birds with one bean.”

Talk to someone from your childhood about all you remember. Learn how treacherous memory is, how slippery, how you have completely different recollections of identical incidents.

Question what you think you know. Learn to celebrate chaos, lack of meaning and uncertainty. But whatever you do, never stop learning.

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