S0 what do you do when everyone seems to think you are not good enough! Either for a promotion at work, for a relationship or for marriage for that matter.


This is not an easy pill to swallow because one starts doubting themselves you start thinking maybe you are doomed for this middle management position and can never be a director of a company or division?

You have been in and out of relationships, they all seem to end with you being hurt or betrayed or just plain all there was someone better!!! who your partner thought was bringing more to the table than you!

Why play second best in life, find your own outlet, let that be starting your own business, burying your head in books to study further or finding a passion in sport.

Always keep in mind, you are the best version of you there is, make the most of it! Don’t believe anyone who pulls you down. Believe in yourself get up and do better!!!

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